Property investments, returning to the UK and developing an overall strategy to build wealth and security - Jo and Rob

"We have a long term professional relationship with Peter which started when we lived abroad. It must have been around 1998 when our accountant recommended Peter to us. He helped us when we returned to the UK to make good choices about our investments and since then he has advised us on everything. We have used him for our whole financial portfolio, investments, buy-to-let, home mortgage, savings, pensions, insurance - everything.

We trust him implicitly, he understands our situation, is very friendly, responsive, competent, efficient, direct and honest.

I say he is responsive because we have a few property projects on the go and when I come up with an idea for another buy to let, I will give Peter a ring and he will quickly go over the facts and figures I need to help us work out what percentage we need as a deposit, what interest rate, costs and returns we might expect. It's really helpful to get his ideas on things.

We also have a big review once a year of the whole financial portfolio and he'll ask if anything has changed. Typically, we do a quick run through of savings and investments, we might ask for some info on a particular policy or investment, some things might be on a timeline - e.g. fixed rate mortgage for 3 years and we will discuss what's coming up in the next year. We might have heard something in the news and just mention it and Peter fills us in with what's happening in the market and how things might affect us or not.

When a bank, or maybe an estate agent wants to recommend their contact, I say no thank you, we have an excellent IFA who we always work with.

As clients - we feel very comfortable and trusting in what he recommends and it's great dealing with him."

Rob and Joanna


It's easy to forget to look after your own finances when you are busy running your own business..... Kim and Steve Harvey

"We have been a client of Baker Davies since they began in 1999. This has to be testament to their service alone. When running your own business you usually forget about looking after your personal financial situation. This is very much so in our case. The team has looked after us with our investments, pensions and mortgages over the years. Tony Davies and Peter Kingswell-Farr always have our best interests at heart when borrowing or investing changes are called for. With them looking after us personally, we have been able to focus on the running of our business. We would not hesitate in recommending them and their team for your financial needs."

Kim and Steve Harvey


Anthony Barnes-Smith is a successful businessman

His accountant many years ago, advised him to pay as much as he could afford into pension plans. Anthony did this continually for over 30 years and as a result he had numerous different plans with various insurance companies but until he met Simon, had nobody to advise him properly. The total value of his pension policies was over £400,000 but there was no overall plan.

The Problem The majority of the pension plans were old-style policies with pension companies who were either not even trading or had been taken over. Nearly 50% of his total Pension Fund was invested in one of the worst performing Managed Funds and much of the remainder was held in With-Profits funds where the bonus rate was as low as zero. Anthony was completely unaware of any of this. He was mainly fed up with receiving so much paperwork and not understanding any of it!

Also he was not aware of his options regarding how to draw the benefits at retirement.

The Solution: Simon got to know Anthony's wishes and plans for the future. All the pension policies were moved into a Self-Invested Personal Pension to give greater choice of funds to invest in thus providing greater potential for investment returns. Also it meant that Anthony would have all the flexible retirement options available to him including the facility to draw an income from the fund without the need to buy an Annuity or phase in his retirement by taking the benefits as and when he requires them. These options provide him with complete flexibility both now and in the future.

What Anthony said
"In a nutshell I feel more in control. I like having the facility to watch my funds grow, there is easy access and it's more manageable."



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