Our History

Our history: Baker Davies, Beacon House and Radley Financial Consultancy - three companies who all shared a common theme of looking after clients.

Baker Davies started in 1999 after Tony Davies was approached by accountant Jeff Baker, to set up an Independent Financial Services firm to "look after" his clients by providing sound, independent, professional and friendly financial planning advice and service. It grew gradually with one personal assistant and then Peter Kingswell-Farr joined the firm in 2000. Subsequently, Tony and Peter bought out Jeff's share in the business. They took on more administrative staff and provided additional compliance and back office support to another IFA practice.

In 2008 Tony received an anonymous call in which he was quizzed about how Baker Davies look after their clients, what their plans were for the business, how he and Peter made decisions and their advice process. Tony later received another call when Chris Knox and John Collins, the then partners of Beacon House Investments, revealed their identity. Both were approaching retirement and were searching for the right company to continue to look after their clients, most of whom they had dealt with over many years. They had spoken to and were approached by various other firms but hadn't found the right fit. Someone in the financial services industry had suggested Chris and John speak to Baker Davies and so began the next phase of expansion with the formation of Beacon House Wealth Management Ltd.

As both firms were operating from the same offices and used the same system we felt it was sensible to merge the business and so the clients of Beacon House have been incorporate within Baker Davies Ltd. Although Chris and John have retired as advisers, they still enjoy ambassadorial roles and John keeps up a keen interest in the markets.

Simon Radley joined as an Advisor in 2009 bringing his clients with him. Simon previously ran his own IFA practice, in Salisbury and had known Tony and Peter for a long time.

Simon says "I found that having my own business meant that so much time was taken up with paperwork to do with running the business that I was having less and less time for my clients. I had known Tony and Peter for over 10 years and always identified with their values. Joining them and the support of the wider team means that I can spend more time advising clients"

Kerry Saunders joined Baker Davies early in 2015 to compliment the teams skills and knowledge. Kerry brings a lot of technical expertise as well as enthusiasm for communicating financial matters in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Kerry says "I enjoy being part of a smaller team where people are know by their name rather than just a number. Baker Davies is directly authorised (not part of a network or national/large organisation). The firms compliance is closely monitored and the decision and policy makers are in the same office as me. This actually allows me more freedom to be treated as a professional adviser and use my expertise to deliver whatever advice, specialist or more holistic, my clients need in each situation. This structure and culture allows me to prioritise my client's needs, much more so than I have experienced when working with larger organisations."

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