Mr R enjoys winter sun in South Africa

Mr R, a 78 year old retired divorced male, spends his summers in Dorset and winters in South Africa.

Initially he was able to maintain his standard of living but due to rising living costs, currency fluctuations, changes in his drawdown pension income and a gradual build up of debt he was finding it more and more difficult.

He didn't want to change his lifestyle as health concerns meant he didn't know how long he would be able to continue to travel and he wanted to take advantage of it while he could.

He wanted to keep his home in Dorset and downsizing wasn't financially viable so he approached Amanda at Baker Davies for advice.


What happened

Amanda discussed his situation with him in detail, confirming what was and what wasn't important to him.

Amanda helped him to work out exactly what his income and outgoings were, and how much he could take out of his property by using equity release.

Amanda discussed how this could impact on eligibility in the future to state benefits and grants.


The solution

Amanda recommended a lifetime mortgage as Mr R wanted to maintain ownership of the property. Mr R wanted to have the maximum equity that was available, and this was possible by using a provider that took his health and lifestyle choices into account.

With the capital that was released Mr R was able to pay off his debts, make necessary repairs to the property, top up his bank account and continue to fund the lifestyle he was accustomed to.

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"It felt like a huge responsibility as power of attorney to do the best for my aunt. Amanda's advice was invaluable."

Fiona Sutherland


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Mr R enjoys winter sun in South Africa
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