Structuring our portfolio for retirement, inheritance tax planning then dealing with changes on my own – Lillian Fry

Lillian and her husband were retired and wanted to make sure they would have the income they needed to provide the lifestyle they wanted. In 2000 Jeff, their accountant introduced them to Tony to review their entire portfolio and make appropriate changes to generate income while protecting against inflation, generate good returns without excessive risk and make things as tax efficient as possible.

As well as gradually re-structuring the portfolio, Tony recommended inheritance tax planning so that they could enjoy their wealth and know that at some point, it will pass to their family – rather than the tax man.

After Lillian's husband passed away, Tony has continued to manage her wealth and keep in regular contact so that she knows where she stands financially.

Lillian says "Tony has been very patient, very nice and has been a great support beyond just advice on what to do with the money. There were a lot of decisions to make after my husband died. Knowing that I can ask Tony anything has taken all the pressure off worrying about things.

He has met with our accountant, solicitor and stockbroker as well as my family and it's good to know that everything is being taken care of. Pete has also advised my son for mortgages which was very helpful. Looking back, we weren't getting such personal service or interest from our previous financial advisers."

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