My husband died in an accident - Simon looked after me with such integrity

"Simon has been my IFA for at least 12 years. I reviewed various IFAs before I chose. He struck me as being very professional and I believed he had enormous integrity. Over the 12 years he's proved exactly that.

Shortly after Simon put in place all our financial planning in place, my husband was killed in an accident. Everything had to be reviewed to reflect our family change of circumstances. Simon held my hand through every part. He was so careful because I was so vulnerable. He did a great job and I wasn't the only one who thought so. The regulators randomly selected my file to review and they said he'd done 'a fantastic job'. He also advises my son now in his own right.

We have a great client - IFA relationship. I have recommended Simon to various friends, some who were hesitant about considering IFAs, and they have all been equally happy with all aspects of his client care."

Mrs Edmonds


Structuring our portfolio for retirement, inheritance tax planning then dealing with changes on my own - Lilian


Lilian and her husband were retired and wanted to make sure they would have the income they needed to provide the lifestyle they wanted. In 2000 Jeff, their accountant, introduced them to Tony to review their entire portfolio and make appropriate changes to generate income while protecting against inflation, generate good returns without excessive risk and make things as tax efficient as possible.

As well as gradually re-structuring the portfolio, Tony recommended inheritance tax planning so that they could enjoy their wealth and know that at some point, it will pass to their family - rather than the tax man.

After Lilian's husband passed away, Tony has continued to manage her wealth and keep in regular contact so that she knows where she stands financially.

Lilian says, "Tony has been very patient, very nice and has been a great support beyond just advice on what to do with the money. There were a lot of decisions to make after my husband died. Knowing that I can ask Tony anything has taken all the pressure off worrying about things.

He has met with our accountant, solicitor and stockbroker as well as my family and it's good to know that everything is being taken care of. Pete has also advised my son for mortgages which was very helpful. Looking back, we weren't getting such personal service or interest from our previous financial advisers."


Dealing with finances and investments on my own.
My husband needed to go into care. Amanda reduced uncertainty, paperwork and inheritance tax - Mrs Hope

When Amanda first met Mrs Hope her husband was in a nursing home. Mrs Hope was concerned about generating sufficient income to cover their living costs. Although there was a good level of pension income, their income now needed to be topped up from investments. Understandably, because the investment income was being paid in dribs and drabs from lots of sources, Mrs Hope found it difficult to manage or understand.

Amanda helped Mrs Hope work out their expenditure requirements. She then arranged for as much of their investments as possible to be held in Skandia and Cofunds (this means although you invest in lots of different funds from different fund managers it's administered in just two places). She set up withdrawals of a fixed monthly amount so Mrs Hope knew that there was going to be enough each month. Some shares were also sold to simplify things and spread risk. The paperwork reduced dramatically.

Sadly, Mr Hope died during the process of selling his shares. Amanda then arranged for Mrs Hope to stop taking the additional fixed monthly income, as it was now no longer needed. Mrs Hope also benefited from the Probate Advisory Service. In this case, it made sense to sell all shares except Lloyds (which were sentimental and were experiencing a dip in value so it was not a good time to sell them).

Mrs Hope wanted to ensure that if she in future had to go into care and pay for it herself, that some money would be kept safely for her children. Amanda arranged a lump sum investment earmarked for her children, set up in such a way that under current legislation, it would not be taken into account as an asset, in the event of Mrs Hope having to fund her own long term care and would be free of inheritance tax after seven years.

Mrs Hope says:

"Amanda has been wonderful. She took all the worry off my mind. I wouldn't have known where to start or what I'd have done without her. Over the years we bought lots of shares in small amounts. Amanda has been a great help in simplifying things. She has also helped me save inheritance tax through her astute recommendations. I have been a client since Chris and John did their very first seminar all those years ago."


At 90 Mr Jenkins wanted to simplify investments and paperwork and enjoy retirement

Mr and Mrs Jenkins had a lot of collective investments including Unit Trusts and ISAs. Mr Jenkins had for 30 odd years taken a keen interest in finance but now in his 90th year he was finding all the paperwork too much. "You get so many statements from all those unit trusts, I just don't want to deal with it any more. Also my wife has really left the finance to me and I was worried that she would never cope with it without me."

Mrs Jenkins says, "Amanda has been very helpful and co-operative and I have been able to sit in and learn things in the meetings."

Amanda arranged for their investments to be re-registered onto Cofunds, which has dramatically reduced their paperwork. She showed Mr Jenkins how to log on to the Cofunds website to get values (he used to do it himself in a spreadsheet).

Mr Jenkins says, "We got rid of a hell of a lot of paperwork. Amanda even offered to take the old papers away and dispose of them safely for us. I have found it easy to dial up to Cofunds computer, so I know exactly where we stand without all the papers."

Mr and Mrs Jenkins


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