Sarah Blackburn

Sarah is a 'Client Account Manager'

Sarah worked for the two directors of Beacon House Wealth Management in Bournemouth for 16 years before they joined forces with Baker Davies in 2007.

What changes have you noticed since 2007?

"The main changes have been to do with the back office computer system we now use, which took a long time to learn. Now it's all done it's really helpful. If a client phones us with a query everything is now in one place and we can quickly get information for them from the system.

I much prefer the new office. The layout is much more open and light and there is more of a buzz about the place."

What do you like about working at Baker Davies?

"I really enjoy being part of a bigger team. It's more interesting as there is a lot more variety particularly now the Beacon House and Baker Davies databases have been merged. Most of the clients John and Chris advised have investments with us, whereas with Baker Davies, clients also might have mortgages or insurance so I have been learning about a wider range of products.

I enjoyed attending some investment seminars in Dorset in 2010 where I was able to meet in person, clients that I have dealt with for a number of years."

Hobbies and Interests

"I like to relax at the weekend and catch up with friends and family. Sometimes we go on camping holidays. John and I got married in 2007 in Cyprus - which was amazing.

We had our first baby in January 2011, our lovely son Max, which was exciting and scary, and it's great to be busy and involved with him."

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