Which service is for you?



You might have a need for immediate advice

We offer an initial meeting with potential new clients at which time we have an informal chat and get to know each other. This is at our expense. If you would like to appoint us as your Advisers following this chat, then we would explain our Terms of Business and ongoing services followed by completion of a confidential factfind. We are happy to operate on either a fee or commission basis and fully and openly explain the options with you.

We will need to find out lots of information about you to be able to advise properly. This involves establishing attitude to risk, reviewing your existing policies or investments for suitability and of course, getting to know what you want and value. The next step is to formulate strategies to help you achieve your objectives. We then undertake research relating to specific areas of advice

When clients are happy to proceed, we implement advice and include you in the most relevant service for your situation.



You might need additional advice and ongoing monitoring

When existing clients have a change of circumstances and may need new advice - we ask them to get in touch so that we can review their situation and make sure what they have is still suitable, we update their attitude to risk questionnaire and provide new, specific advice. It's similar to advising a new client but quicker as we already have all the historical information ready on our system which pre-populates the factfind so we only have to update it.

If you have reasons to raise a concern please write to us as outlined in our Client Agreement. If we are unable to resolve an issue to your satisfaction you may be able to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. More information is available on request or by visiting www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

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We like to build a continuing working relationship with our clients - that's why they are clients not customers.

We already provide a behind-the-scenes monitoring of investments

We provide a range of three pro-active review services and two reactive services:

Wealth Management Service:
This service is ideal for clients who have substantial wealth and who want the reassurance of having someone they know and trust to regularly review their portfolio and overall financial planning strategy.

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Wealth Builder Service:
This service is ideal for clients who are building or maintaining their wealth and/or who want the reassurance of pro-active and strategic management of their financial affairs.

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On Track review service:
Everyone experiences change over time. Legislation and product terms change too. If we don't stay ahead, we can miss out or get left behind. The On Track Review Service is ideal for clients who know that they can contact their Adviser should they need advice and who also like the reassurance of knowing that there is a review process to follow every other year. This ensures that they are not overlooking something important or missing out on financial planning opportunities.

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Records Administration Service:
This service is ideal for clients who wish to take responsibility for their own financial planning and who know that if they want specific advice they can contact us.

It is also appropriate for clients whose financial affairs are fairly straightforward and who don't anticipate any changes that might benefit from further financial planning in the foreseeable future.

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Probate service:
This service is for Executors of estates and the family who are left. Because we already have all the details of our clients' investments and policies on our specialist systems we are in an excellent position to provide detailed information to assist with the logistics of Probate and remove some of the stress at what is undoubtedly a difficult time.

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